Business Copywriting

Here you can find links to web pages or PDFs showing examples of projects for business clients, including content writing, such as blog posts and long-form articles, website copywriting, and editing and proofreading. I’ve used British or American English depending on the main audience. Copyright is assigned to the client in each case.

Blog Posts & Articles

Articles for BridgeU, a global university and careers guidance platform for schools.
How the IB prepare students for life  
How to help students develop their personal brand 

Articles for EcoTourLinQ, an online eco-tourism resource.
In Search of Raptors 
Eco-Friendly Yoga Holidays 

Blog post for a life coach and author. The brief was to research and write about the benefits of a plant-based diet for human health, animal welfare and the environment.
The Plant-Based Revolution Changing Lives

Blog post for a green lifestyle blogger. The brief was to inform her target readers about the chemicals in sunscreen that are harmful to our health and the oceans.
What You Should Know About Sunscreen and How to Make Your Own

Blog post for ColdLabel, barbershop and handmade organic personal care and tisane business. The brief was to write about the benefits of hydration to our health.
The Elixir of Life – Are You Missing out on Water

Three blog posts for an essential oils retailer. The brief was to write on topics relevant to mothers interested in a work-from-home business and/or leading a healthy lifestyle.
Healthy Eating Habits Give You the Life Fad Diets Never Can 
Live Your Life Free from Chemicals Harming Your Health and Nature
Get Active to Boost Your Mood, Metabolism, and Energy

Blog post for HealthKick, a natural health and healthy living resource.
What Are Processed Foods and Why Are They so Unhealthy  

Long-form article for Peak Performance Corner. The brief was to write an article explaining the impact of energy drinks on people’s health, especially young people.
Do energy drinks smash performance out of the park or hit your health instead?

Long-form article for a blockchain platform startup. The brief was to write about the importance of the gig economy in conjunction with the blockchain and decentralisation for a target audience of entrepreneurs, innovators, students and freelancers.
Blockchain Gives Power to the People in Gig Economy Revolution

Short White Paper

White paper for a nutraceutical manufacturer to position Hibiscus extract as a natural product with the potential to prevent and treat urinary tract infections and dyslipidemia. Target audience is marketing and technical professionals in the nutraceutical industry. The brief was to write the copy for a graphic designer to create the finished paper.

Hibiscus sabdariffa extract: a nutraceutical with exciting potential for preventing UTI and dyslipidemia

Website Copy

Write Home, About, Services, FAQ and Contact pages for a language training and business communication services company. Write the copy for a LinkedIn business profile and design images for LinkedIn posts.
Leman Language Services (website under construction – 19 August launch!)

Write Home, About and Product pages for a startup selling motion sensor solar lights using my client’s responses to my questionnaire.
Gecko Gaia

Write Home, About and Services pages from background research and client’s notes.
Jacki R emotional intelligence and mindfulness coach

Rewrite copy for a health and fitness rewards program, and create an About page.
Perkspiration health and fitness 

Research specified health topics and write summaries for an Australian teenage health App.
Teen health e-learning summaries 

Editing & Proofreading

VELA medical chairs website (English version) 
Moneef Barakat interview for
Seth Ulinski Amazing Heights introduction
Seth Ulinski Amazing Heights preface and author bio
Soma Yoga Institute Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Prospectus
James B. Edwards school PTO fundraising content