Do you have ideas for content marketing or website copy, but writing or time constraints hold you back?

Are you frustrated by slow progress with the book or articles you want to write? You know your business inside out and want to share your expertise, but you aren’t so sure about writing.

When you’re running a business, there’s always something more pressing to do. Having managed a retail business, I know how little time is left to work on your website, social media and marketing content.

I know too that leaving writing projects on your to-do list loses you the chance to win more customers. The good news is that hiring a freelance copywriter and copy-editor could be the remedy for your content headache.

I can take care of your copywriting, giving you more time to focus on what you do best. I can write your story, values and vision in words that connect with your audience and get your business noticed.

Why you can trust me with your writing project

♦ I take pride in producing clear, compelling, accurate CONTENT  

I’ll write engaging, helpful, trustworthy content to build loyalty that turns your readers into customers.

♦ I love writing, from initial inspiration through to final polishing

I’ll take the time to understand your business and familiarise myself with your brand and communication style. Working with you, I’ll write your blog, website or social media content to promote your brand and unique selling point, and because I consider every detail, I’m confident you’ll be delighted with the result.

♦ I write content that connects with people   

Persuasive writing convinces the reader through high credibility, sound logic and emotional connection. I combine research skills gained from reporting on health and wildlife conservation science with creative writing skills from a bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing. I’m experienced in creative nonfiction, health writing, speech writing and business communication. I’ve also completed the Health Writer Hub Principles of Health & Medical Copywriting and Conservation Careers Communications for Conservation Projects courses and the Freelance Writers Den copywriting training. Learning is a lifelong process! When I’m not writing for clients or out walking for inspiration, I write articles on wildlife conservation and animal welfare for my blog, Nature in Mind.

My work experience and adaptability can benefit your business

My working life has been varied and transformative. I’ve worked as a computer analyst/programmer, Montessori early years teacher, sports & remedial massage therapist, young athletes coach, and cafe/chocolate store co-manager. The skills I’ve gained in research, problem-solving, and communication can help me understand and promote your business. On a personal level, I’ve learned that children are curious explorers, the human body is fascinating and dark chocolate is divine!

Beyond work, I’ve been a 400 m sprinter at an international level, a long-in-the-tooth undergraduate, and an immigrant. Looking for a change, we left the hustle behind and moved to New Zealand with our children where we enjoyed dramatic landscapes and cool wildlife. But home is where the heart is, so a decade later, we moved back to the UK settling in Norfolk this time around. Truth is, with its nature reserves, quiet beaches, craft beer and the city of Norwich, rich in culture and history, I really should be keeping Norfolk a secret! 

My work is driven by values that matter most to me 

You can rely on my transparency at every stage. I only take on projects if I’m a good fit.
You can rely on my dedication to your business. I’m hard-working and meticulous.
You can rely on me for top-quality work. I’m always building on my writing, editing and marketing skills.
You can rely on me to work with you to achieve the results you want. I enjoy helping people.
You can rely on me to be considerate, respectful, understanding and open-minded. I care, simple as that.

I believe that people and wildlife across the world can thrive if we change the way we live our lives. This means I get very excited about helping businesses with content creation and communications on health and wellness, nature conservation and sustainable living!

My specialist areas for content writing, copywriting and copy-editing:

  • Business Copywriting
  • Health & Wellness
  • Nature & Sustainability
  • Animal Welfare
  • Education

You can find exaples of my work in my portfolio.

For projects with a wider scope beyond the copy, I can team up with other freelance professionals to provide you with web design, graphic design, business branding, marketing strategy, and virtual assistance.

I work with individuals, charity organisations, social enterprises, and small or medium-sized businesses as well as marketing, web design and PR agencies. Whether you’re based locally in Norwich or Norfolk, elsewhere in the UK or across the world, let’s talk about your project!

“Tracy is a hard-working, talented writer whose attention to detail, genuine integrity, warmth, modesty and compassion make her an inspiration.”  JANE DALTON – writer and jOURNALIST AT THE INDEPENDENT

“What’s with the bird logo?”

Taking a break from the keyboard  
When I take a break from writing, sometimes I doodle and sometimes I watch the birds in my garden. Birds are awesome. They’re intelligent and endearing but most of all they can fly across the world and back, even tiny birds!

In one of my doodling moments, I drew a bird inspired by little terns migrating to Norfolk’s beaches. Just a simple line drawing to capture the elegant tern in flight. Then, as I thought about their migration, I drew a globe around my bird.

Birds are the natural connection between people
I believe that when we take care of nature, we take care of ourselves. More than ever, global harmony and sustainability depend on restoring the connection and balance between people and nature.

As seasonal globetrotters, migratory birds can connect people. How fascinating that a bird can be living in West Africa one month and in the UK the next? We have a shared responsibility to protect these incredible birds and the oceans they cross. As I looked at my doodle of curved wings in a circle, the idea came to me. What better logo for my writing business and vision of a fairer, sustainable world than a birdy yin yang? Words and birds bring people and nature together across the world. Let’s write and fly!

Doodle to logo
With the help of my partner David who did the technical bit and preened my scruffy sketch, my doodle morphed into my logo. Even writers need a break from words sometimes!

About page photo showing copywriter and nature advocate Tracy watching birds by a lake

If you’re keen to collaborate with a creative writer and eagle-eyed editor,  let’s talk about your project!

Featured image: National Trust Blickling Estate, Norfolk. Explore, escape, enjoy!