Editing & Proofreading

I provide first-rate editing and proofreading for your business, academic, or personal project to give you clear, concise copy free from errors and inconsistencies.

If you’re a business owner, you can reassure customers that you deliver exceptional quality by giving your writing the same care you give your products and services. Often, your written communication via your website or other marketing materials is the first impression of your business. Don’t let your words let you down.

Depending on the level of editing required, I will:

  • Correct errors in grammar, spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, hyphenation, and abbreviation
  • Highlight obvious incorrect or inconsistent facts
  • Highlight any terms that need clarification for the reader
  • Highlight inconsistent or missing numbering and references
  • Revise confusing organisation or logic
  • Rewrite convoluted or wordy sentences and paragraphs
  • Work with you on revision(s) for a final version

Why can I trust you with editing and proofreading my copy?

  • I have an exceptional eye for detail
  • I take pride in producing clear, compelling, accurate content
  • I can rewrite your copy to reflect your brand and engage with your readers
  • I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English & Creative Writing, including training in Editing & Publishing


What type of content can you edit for me?

As a freelance writer and copy editor, and in past roles in I.T, sports massage, and hospitality management, I’ve written and edited many types of content. I can edit blog posts, articles, website pages, case studies, white papers, proposals, reports, emails, newsletters, user manuals, creative non-fiction, and more!

What sectors do you specialise in?

Although my specialist sectors are health, nature, education, green living, and sustainable business, I am adaptable. Let me know what you need!

What guidelines do you work to when editing my copy?

When editing in American English, I make editing and proofreading decisions based on Amy Einsohn’s The Copyeditor’s Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications, as well as the Chicago Manual of Style. When editing in British English, I refer to the New Oxford Style Manual. I can also work with your business or publication house style guide if you have one.

What is the process for editing my copy?

I’ll ask you to provide a Microsoft Word document with the text you would like me to edit and/or proofread. I will make changes in Microsoft Word using the ‘Track Changes’ function so you can see the edits I recommend. I’ll deliver one document with tracked changes and another clean version with the changes applied.

What information do you need to get started?

I’ll need the content you would like me to edit (in a Word doc) as well as the house style guide you would like me to follow, if applicable. I’ll also need to know who your intended readers are (age, gender, demographic), so I can bear that in mind when editing. If your editing project relates to your business, I’ll need your business website URL.

Let’s talk about your project!