Copy Editing & Proofreading

I provide copy editing and proofreading for your business copy, student thesis, or eBook draft to give you clear content, free from errors and inconsistencies.


Depending on your audience, your timescale and your budget, I can work on your draft to three levels of copy editing, with reference to definitions by Amy Einsohn in The Copyeditor’s Handbook:


Mechanical. Correct mechanical errors such as spelling, capitalisation, punctuation, hyphenation, and abbreviations.
Correlating parts. Check contents page against chapters, and check numbering of footnotes, endnotes, tables and figures. Check in-text citations against bibliography or reference list.
Language. Correct indisputable grammatical errors. Highlight wordy or convoluted paragraphs. Point out terms likely to be new to readers, requiring clarification.
Content. Highlight factual inconsistencies and incorrect statements.


As for light edit, plus:
Language. Correct all grammatical errors. Query wordy or convoluted writing. Supply definitions for new terms.
Content. Verify facts using online research. Query faulty organisation or logic.


As for medium edit, plus:
Language. Revise wordy or convoluted writing.
Content. Revise any incorrect facts.  Revise faulty organisation or logic.


This is the final check before publication. Your final draft is checked for typographical errors, as well as correlating parts if necessary.

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